05 September 2019

NEW: B2B Sales - beta

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Inge Muijshondt
Marketing | Mijnwebwinkel

The time has come: one of the most requested functions of all time is ready: business sales (beta)! Our PREMIUM users can use this feature from today. Read on quickly what it means and when business selling is available for PRO users!

Business selling means that you can sell to companies, also known as B2B (business to business).

Go to Modules in your store admin. There you will find the new block 'I am selling to'. Choose here whether you want to sell to private individuals (GO), private individuals and companies (PRO and PREMIUM) or only to companies (PREMIUM).

If you choose to sell to companies or to private individuals and companies, the company name (required), VAT number and reference fields are shown in your checkout.

Note: Klarna, Klarna via Mollie and AfterPay do not support business transactions. It is therefore not possible to offer business sales in combination with these payment methods.


Of course we have already extensively tested business sales internally, but to guarantee the stability of the platform and to discover potential flaws, we first launch a beta version for a small group. Our PREMIUM users have the honor to be the first to use business selling.

Let us know. You can easily do this by sending us an email via info@myonlinestore.com or by clicking on the green button below.

Because a number of fields in the checkout change when you use business sales, we do not enable the function for everyone by default. If you email us, we do this manually so that you can use business sales.

We ask you to let us know everything you encounter. So you can use a function that you are 100% happy with and it helps us to deliver the best possible product :)


We understand that you can't wait to get started with business sales. Unfortunately, we cannot yet let you know a specific date when this function will become available to you as a PRO user. This depends on the amount of feedback we receive. The aim is of course as soon as possible and in any case before the end of 2019! We will keep you informed of this.

We hope you are happy with the new developments :)


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