22 November 2021

The new menu of the back office

Ebbe Blaas
Marketing | MyOnlineStore

As you may have noticed, we have a new menu for the back office :tadaa:. Lately there have been several researches to come to a better and more logical menu structure.

Menu Old-New-EN

The new menu allows you to perform the actions you often use even faster. The new menu distinguishes between frequently used items (such as orders) and less frequently used items (such as setting up your legal documents). The frequently used items are still in the familiar place on the left, for the less frequently used items we have created a new overview page: "Settings". On this new page, you will find links to the settings pages for each item. The content of all pages is still the same, only the menu has been rearranged. Although it has been organised in such a way that you can work more quickly, it will take some time to get used to it, especially in the beginning. In this article, we take you through the new menu and explain where to find everything.

The survey showed that there are a number of items that you use most frequently on a daily basis. These items can therefore be viewed at a glance and accessed directly from the main menu.

New menu - EN

Under orders you will of course find your orders. The only thing that has changed is that this is no longer under 'visitors', but has its own 'heading'. That saves you another click :).

Under customers you will find the customer accounts and the messages. Previously, you could find these under "visitors".

Under products you will find everything related to products. That includes the product overview, filters, selection lists and stock management. So you don't have to search in 'content' between 7 other options.

The same applies to pages. Everything related to pages can be found here. You will find the page overview, slideshow, images and shortcuts here.

Under marketing you can find various marketing tools such as statistics, newsletter, discount codes, partners, Google services, advertising, social media add this and review sites.

Under the heading settings, you will find the topics that are used less frequently grouped into cards. The arrow extends the drop-down menu for each card and shows all the options. What you will find there is explained below.

Setting - EN

The design section is now a map instead of a separate page. You can still go here for everything related to the style and layout of your shop: product view, page view, logo maker, layout, template settings, images, email images, invoice layouts, custom CSS and you can select a template.

Here you can adjust the different parts and options of the order process. This includes the options order process, shipping options, payment method, price display and VAT, and sources.

Here you can update your company details, manage your notification preferences, view your subscription payments and invoices, and choose your domain name.

Under the legal section you can manage all legal options and documents. You can add your terms and conditions, privacy policy and other legal documents. You can also set up the age check here.

Here you can adjust the standard texts and manage the language options in your shop.

The modules section has been moved here. You can manage all optional add-ons and modules for your shop (e.g. customer accounts). You can also link the POS App here and set up your own API links.

We realise that a change always takes some time getting used to. You can therefore still switch between the new and the old menu. Give it a chance, however. This way you will eventually be able to find all the elements in the blink of an eye. With the new menu, you will soon be able to manage your shop faster ;-) 

If you have any questions or if something is missing, please leave a comment below :point down:


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