01 July 2016

In the spotlight: Augusta Wind

Inge Muijshondt
Marketing | MyOnlineStore

Augusta Wind was awarded the Drempelprijs award for her thesis project at the Willem de Kooning Academy. With part of the money she won, she decided to buy a good handbag. She set out to find a nice, yet simple shopper, but all she came across were bags costing 500 euro. For that type of money I can buy a sewing machine and leather, and make one myself, she thought. The result? She now has her very own successful handbag label.

It took me one year of research and development to deem my label ready for resale. Once my designs were sold in a few stores, I was sometimes asked whether they were also available online. That’s when I decided it was time to set up my own online store.

The label has meanwhile grown to include two collections, the Classics – functional, classic designs, and the Limited Editions – more funky, fashion-forward designs in limited edition.

A new design is always the result of my longing for something. I do my research, develop a sample and carry it around myself to see where it needs perfecting.

During the design phase I’m always very intuitive. I don’t like choosing from a catalogue. I prefer going to a wholesaler to see and touch all the materials on offer. At my workshop I have all sorts of funky stuff that seemingly serves no purpose (pieces of foam, a golden chocolate spool, wooden blocks, a chestnut, paper scraps and so on). All these things inspire me to brainstorm beyond the practical uses of a bag.

I absolutely love having my own label and online store! The bags and products I design and create at my workshop in Rotterdam are sold all over the world and end up in places I have never visited myself. I have customers in New York, London and Paris. What more can a girl wish for?

I also love working on my label’s branding. My online store is the perfect tool to showcase what my label is all about. It’s great to hear people love it and actually want to buy my designs. And thanks to my online store, my bags are only a few clicks away!

“I have a million new plans and ideas for new designs and a new lookbook.”



I would love for my label to continue growing, not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of designs. I have a million new plans and ideas for new designs and a new lookbook. I also hope to forge more partnerships with other brands, as I did in the summer of 2015 with Dufarge, a Rotterdam-based skateboard brand.


"I have my very own label. What more can a girl wish for?”

Follow your passion, because whatever it is that you end up doing, you’ll need to invest time, money and energy in it. Then again, it’s all worth it. I have my very own label. What more can a girl wish for? It’s absolutely brilliant!

Send your details to marketing@myonlinestore.com and who knows, we might just showcase your online store soon! 


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