In the spotlight: Daily Poetry

01 September 2017

Inge Muijshondt
Marketing | MyOnlineStore

In one of the main shopping streets of Den Bosch, Vughterstraat, you’ll find Britt and Sander’s store, Daily Poetry, which sells everything from beautiful homewares to fun feel-good gifts, books and fashion. We paid them a visit!

What’s the story behind Daily Poetry?

Britt: We had been wanting to do something together for a while. I was still studying and Sander had just graduated in leisure management. We decided to join forces and in 2013 we opened our very own store of 25sq. in Eindhoven with a budget of 4,000 euro. We didn’t have too many items to sell, but it went well. We then moved to a larger building and when that too went smoothly we decided to expand. We discussed what we wanted our dream store to look like, we approached a real-estate agent and we found our current building, which also includes living space. So we moved to Den Bosch and now we live right above our store!

Today, one year on, everything is going better and better. It’s always risky to set up a new project (and even more so when the rent is sky-high!), so we’ve very happy that it’s been going so well. Many hip little stores are opening their doors in Den Bosch and shoppers often walk along the same route, from one shop to the next, which boosts everybody’s business!

Sander: Most of it is learning by doing. We really didn’t know anything, haha. I did have some experience in shop keeping, but not in management. Little by little, you learn about service, guarantees etc. For example, we think it’s odd that some stores give credit notes instead of cash returns like us. These are little service extras we really cherish.

Britt: You could say so, yes. One of us runs the store in Eindhoven from Wednesday to Saturday, while the other stays in Den Bosch. We always take turns. We both take care of purchasing and orders, but over the years, we’ve divided tasks to a certain extent. Sander takes care of the financial side of things, while I mainly do the styling. Luckily, we’re generally on the same wavelength.

"These products may be sold in other stores too, but our store is just like us, which makes it unique."

Sander: Britt came up with the name Daily Poetry – she had a blog with the same name! Things are more than just things to us. The moments when you use them and the people you use them with give them an extra special value, so it’s important for these items to be of good quality, to be made to last. We don’t like mass-produced items or clothing that’s virtually disposable. We also sell – quite literally – poetry items, for example cards with self-written poems. In a nutshell, fun everyday items… That’s Daily Poetry.

Britt: Our unique products, the way we present them and the general look and feel of our store. That’s what makes us stand out from the crowd. We feel a store should reflect who you are. Only then can it be successful. We sell items we really like ourselves. These products may be sold in other stores too, but our store is just like us, which makes it unique.

We’ve created a cozy little coffee corner where people can work. We had noticed that in many places people feel they can work only if they keep ordering, otherwise they’ll have to pack up their laptop and leave. We offer a cup of coffee for 1 euro. Needless to say, we’re not in it for the money, but simply because we want to offer people a nice little corner to work.

Sander: We wanted a website, that much was certain, so why not add an online store too? It’s a great way to showcase our range. At first we were a bit annoyed, because an online store is not entirely our cup of tea. We didn’t even have a house style yet and we hardly used our online store. We were almost annoyed when people placed an order, because the site looked horrible, haha! Now it’s doing really well and we’re keeping it up much more than before. We’ve given our online store a makeover, with white as the main color, which better matches our physical store.

Sander: When you receive or buy new things, you’re happy, and we have new items coming in every week, so we’re constantly happy! :) Britt loves to arrange things behind the scenes, come up with new ideas and write poems. Needless to say, we also find the contact with our customers very important. It’s great to be able to do something you really love. 

"Normally, when you receive or buy new things, you’re happy, but we have new items coming in every week, so we’re constantly happy! :)"

Britt: We want to do things right and we’re never really 100% satisfied, so our goal is to be happy with what we have and to continue to make our dreams come true in the future. And of course we’re super proud of what we’ve managed to achieve in the past six months! :)