Ordering & shipment

Let your clients order with a single click and process your orders efficiently.
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Happy selling

The ultimate goal of your online store is, of course, to sell your products. The easier it is for customers to order, the more you'll sell. We ensure an optimal order experience, so that you can focus on surprising your customers with great products. 


Customer accounts

Let your clients choose whether they want to check out as a guest or with an account. With an account, information is saved, and customers don't need to re-enter all of their details when placing a new order. They can even view their order history and status. How convenient is that?!

Saving your cart

When your customers place one or more products in the shopping cart and then leave your shop, the contents are saved for at least 48 hours. Do your visitors return within 48 hours? Then the session is extended again by 48 hours. Less annoyance for the customer, more conversions for you. Win-win!

Please note: your orders are displayed in order of placement and not order number.

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B2B sales including reverse-charged VAT

Simplified national and international business transactions. If you sell products to a business in another EU country, the VAT is automatically reverse charged.

Fully automated

Our order processing is fully automated.
Whatever it takes to make your life easier.

Email confirmation

Order confirmations and order status updates are automatically sent to your customers via email.


Receive automatic notifications for new orders, messages and newsletter subscriptions.


Automatically include a PDF invoice as an attachment with the order confirmation.


Bookkeeping not your thing? Outsource it!

No time or energy to tackle your administration? Tap into our network of specialized partners. Link your online store with one of our bookkeeping partners to import your order information directly. No more manual entries, more time for business. 

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Simplified shipping

Select one of the links with our range of shipping partners. Register your order with a click of a button, and the shipping ticket is printed directly. Shipping costs are calculated automatically: enter the weight of your product and we'll take care of the rest.

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'Running an online store is great. We still send each other a message with each new order!''
Laura en Nanette
Started in 2014