Many visitors to your webshop only take a look, but do not buy. Offer these hesitating visitors a surprise and sell more. Choose your own surprise, like a free product, extra service or advice, free shipping or a discount coupon. Because of the advanced hesitation detection system, only the visitors who need the kindly extra push, see the surprise.

Basic info

  • Start for free with 30 surprises
  • Receive free surprises frequently
  • Choose the Professional Package and make unlimited use of the service including all functionalities (starting from € 29,95 / month)

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  • Try for free
  • On average, 30% of the hesitating visitors place the order after receiving the surprise
  • 40% of the hesitating visitors fill in their e-mailadres and give you permission to send e-mails
  • On average, customers give Shopboost a 9