Selling online and offline

Sell anywhere and anytime with the POS App

The MyOnlineStore POS App lets you keep track of your products, stock and orders. Anytime, anywhere. 

Mobile Point of Sale

In-store, at markets or events: the POS App allows your customers to pay conveniently for their purchases anywhere.

Always synchronized

The POS App synchronizes your online and offline sales, always keeping your orders and stock up-to-date. Easy, right? 

Easy stock management

Use your hand-held scanner or smartphone camera to scan your products. Your stock will be up-to-date in no time.

Your own pocket store

The POS App is your mobile store. It gives your customers the opportunity to pay with cash or by card. You can print the receipt or send it by email. After each sale, your stock and orders are updated automatically.

  • Set up various store locations in the App
  • Always keep track of your online and offline orders
  • Check your daily turnover in your store admin

Mobile stock management

Have you just received a new delivery? The POS App on your smartphone allows you to update your stock in no time.

  • Easily scan product codes with your smartphone or hand-held scanner
  • Edit your stock with just a few clicks
  • Your online and offline stock are always synchronized to avoid nasty surprises
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Store performance insights

The reports in the POS App provide you valuable insight into your store’s performance. Selling at multiple locations? Specifically view the desired location’s performance or view them all together.

The POS App is available for iPhone and iPad.
Simply connect your online store with a QR code.

The complete POS kit

Combine your POS App with an iPad holder, hand-held scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer and an iZettle PIN terminal, and you’ve got yourself a fully-fledged point-of-sale system!

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Where do I get the POS App? The POS App is part of the MyOnlineStore PREMIUM plan. Choose this package when you set up your online store or upgrade your current store to PREMIUM.

Do I need to pay extra for the App? No, you only pay €49 a month for your PREMIUM plan. That’s it. If you want to add any accessories, you can buy them separately.

What if I already have a PIN terminal? You can link the POS App to your SumUp or iZettle Pin terminal. And if you enter the amounts manually, you can also use your own PIN terminal.

Is the App only for retail stores? This app is also ideal to use at markets, trade fairs and events. All you need is an iPad or iPhone, and you’re ready to go!

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