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Designing prints is both my profession and my passion. After years of designing for H&M in Stockholm, it was time to start selling my own designs.
Annet - Annet Weelink Design
To be successful, you need to use the right techniques and create beautiful designs. But above all, you must have good entrepreneurial skills.
Nadine - Nadine Kieft
With our online store, the aim is to perfectly showcase our products, which are all based on gemstones and minerals. Everytime we receive a message from a happy customer, it makes us smile. We’re ready to ROCK!
Linda & Eline - Rockstyle
The bags I design at my workshop in Rotterdam are sold all over the world and end up in places I have never visited myself. I have customers in New York, London and Paris. What more can a girl wish for?
Augusta - Augusta Wind

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