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Can I use Klarna Checkout in my webshop?

Do your customers also deserve the option to pay Smoooth? Here we give you the ins and outs about starting with Klarna via the new checkout.

What requirements must my shop meet?

Before you can activate Klarna via a new checkout, a number of points are checked. For example, it is a must that your company details are entered, you have a Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number and that your webshop meets a number of legal obligations. Therefore, make sure that your terms and conditions, privacy statement and return information are easy to find for visitors. Klarna is currently only available for retailers located in the Netherlands (Sorry Belgium, stay tuned! We do our best to make it possible for Belgian retailers as well)

Activate from your back office

Even though a return trip to Sweden would have been nice, you don't have to go to Klarna to activate Klarna.
Go to Settings/Checkout / Payment methods to initiate it. As soon as you accept the conditions and click on Apply for Klarna, we will start working for you. Some information is required to proceed. For example your Chamber of Commerce number and general terms and conditions, but you have probably already thought of this ;-) When all information is complete, your checkout will be requested. You will then see on your screen that your store is being checked by Klarna. If this is not the case, please ring the bell at our Customer Care team.

As soon as the application has been approved by Klarna, you will see this in your management environment in the menu  Settings/Checkout / Payment methods. Please be patient, this can take up to 24 hours.

From now on you can fill in the Know-Your-Customer form. You provide Klarna with the information necessary to enter into an agreement with them and to receive payments. Ka-ching! Read all about payouts here. As soon as you have the green light, Klarna will be switched on via the new checkout and the orders may start flowing in.