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How to configure your email with Android

Below you will find the instructions to configure your email using Android. Make sure you have the letter or email containing your email account password at the ready. This password is not the same as your online store’s password. In this example, we’ve used as an email address. Needless to say, you should replace this with your store’s email address.

1. How to add an account

In this example we’re using Android 5 (Lollipop). Most Android devices are equipped with Android 4.4 (KitKat), but the procedure for configuring emails is exactly the same. To configure your email we will be using the Gmail app.

  • Open the app menu and select the Gmail app.
  • In the app, tap 'Add an email address'.
  • On the next screen select 'Personal (IMAP/POP)' account.
  • Click on 'Next'.

2. How to add your details

  • On the next screen enter your email address. Then do not click 'Next', but rather 'Manual setup'. We are going to configure everything manually. Ready?
  • Android is quite thorough, asking you what type of account you’d like to add. Choose 'Personal (IMAP)'.
  • Then click 'Next'.
  • Enter your email account password, which you’ve received from us. This password is not the same as your online store’s password.
  • Then click 'Next'.

3. Incoming email settings

  • Enter your user name, i.e. your email address, which by now you probably know by heart.
  • The password should have been entered for you. If not, enter it yourself.\
  • The incoming email server is ''.
  • The incoming email port is 143 and should have been entered for you.
  • No need for authentication.
  • Click ‘Next’

4. Outgoing email settings

  • Enter '' as your outgoing email server.
  • Enter 465 as an outgoing email port. 
  • The security port for outgoing emails should be 'SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)'.
  • To send emails you need to sign in to our server using your email account details.
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Android will now check all the details you’ve entered. If there appears to be an error, check whether your outgoing email settings have been entered correctly.

5. Other settings

  • Android will now ask you how often you would like your emails to be checked. The shorter the timeframe, the faster you will be informed of new orders placed by your customers.
  • You can also configure several other options which refer to notifications, synchronization and downloading of attachments. Feel free to configure these as you like.
  • Click ‘Next’ when you’re done.
  • Lastly, you’ll be asked to give your account a name, which only you can see.
  • Your name is the one your customers will get to see. Here you should enter the name of your online store.
  • Done? Click ‘Next’.

That wasn’t too difficult, was it? Now you can send and receive emails on your Android device.