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How to configure your email with Apple Mail

Below you will find the instructions to configure your email using Apple Mail. Make sure you have the letter or email containing your email account password at the ready. This password is not the same as your online store’s password. In this example, we’ve used as an email address. Needless to say, you should replace this with your store’s email address.

1. How to add an account

  • When you open Mail, you can choose from several types of accounts. In this case you need to choose ‘Add Other Account’.
  • If this isn’t the first account you’ve added to Mail, go to ‘Preferences…’. On the ‘Accounts’ tab click on the plus sign (+) to add another account.
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How to add an account

2. Enter your details

  • ‘Full name’ is the name the email recipient will see under ‘Sender’. Enter our own name or the name of your online store.
  • ‘Email address’ is the email address you’ve received from us.
  • Also enter your email account password, which is not the same as your online store’s password.
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Enter your name, email address and password

3. Incoming email settings

  • Choose the ‘IMAP’ account type to ensure your emails are always synchronized on all devices.
  • Use our email server ''.
  • Fill in your full email address for ‘User Name’.
  • The ‘Password’ is the one you’ve received from us, not the one you use to log in to your online store.
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Incoming email settings

4. Outgoing email settings

  • The outgoing email server or ‘SMTP’ is also
  • The ‘User Name’ is, once again, your full email address.
  • As for ‘Password’, we’re sure you know it by heart, by now.
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Outgoing email settings