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What is AddThis and how do I enable it?

AddThis gives visitors to your online store the option of sharing a page or product on social media. You can also add a ‘Print’ button.

An example of AddThis on a page

How to set up AddThis

In order to use AddThis, you will need an account. Create one here. This account also gives you valuable information on the number of clicks.

To link AddThis to your online store click on ‘Social media AddThis’ in the ‘Marketing’ menu.

  1. Under ‘User name’ enter the user name you chose when creating your AddThis account.
  2. Enter your unique ID code under Profile ID (pubid) de unieke ID code in. You can find this code starting with 'ra-' in your AddThis dashboard under Profile options > General.
  3. Under ‘Status’ you can enable or disable AddThis.
  4. In the ‘Provider’ list you will find an overview of all the available social media platforms. Here you can choose which platform(s) you’d like to display in your online store. Select the provider or providers of your choice and drag them to the right-hand column of the table. To remove a provider, click on the ‘x’ next to the provider’s name in the right-hand column.
  5. The position of the providers in the overview determines whether the AddThis buttons will be displayed above or below your page contents.
  6. You can opt for small or large icons under ‘Size’.
  7. Below you can click on ‘Example’ to see what the AddThis buttons will look like on your page.
  8. Once you’ve entered all your preferred settings, click ‘Save’. You’re done! AddThis will now be displayed on your page.
How to set up AddThis


Did you know that you can even share via WhatsApp and that there’s a ‘Print’ button? You can choose from so many features, many of which are not commonly used in the Netherlands and in Europe,  so choose your social media platforms wisely to best meet the needs of your target audience.

Important remark

If visitors do not accept cookies on your website, AddThis will not work.