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What are themes and which one should I choose?

You could describe a theme as a kind of ‘shell’ around your online store. A theme largely determines the structure of your online store, and it can also influence how it is displayed on various devices (desktops, tablets and mobile devices).

You can only choose a theme when you still make use of the Classis theme. Not sure which theme to choose? It’s entirely up to you. Ask yourself what you’d like your online store to look like and which theme best suits your product range.

Go to ‘Settings/Design’ and click on ‘Choose theme’. You can choose from two themes, Classic and Clear as Day.

Clear as Day
This is the default theme for all new online stores. It has a distinctive header and footer that runs across the entire width of your screen, as well as larger buttons and more white space than the Classic theme.

The layout is fully responsive, which means that your online store is displayed correctly on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. The design automatically adapts to the screen size of the device that is being used. All modern browsers support this theme effortlessly, but some older versions of Internet Explorer (IE 9 or older) can have some issues with it.

The Clear as Day theme resizes pages to fit the screen of any device


The Clear as Day theme and responsive websites in general have some issues with tables, simply because they don't adapt to fit the screen. Are you using tables in your Classic online store and would you like to switch to the Clear as Day theme? Then think about alternative ways to design your pages without tables. Need some help? Don’t hesitate to contact us!