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What do I need to know about 'processing orders' with Klarna?

So. Orders are pouring in. But where do you have to go to process them, and what do you have to pay attention to? You can find answers about the payment status and processing of your orders in this article.

Where can I find orders placed through Klarna?

These can be found in your complete order overview under the menu item Visitors / Orders. In this overview you can see in the column 'Payment method' whether Klarna has been chosen and what the status of a payment is. You do not have to log in at another place for this!

What should I pay attention to when I start sending orders?

As soon as you want to process an order, open the order details by clicking on the number, name or gear. Always check first whether Klarna has accepted the payment. If the status is Approved, you have the green light! This status means that Klarna guarantees the payment of the customer. So you are assured of your money and can continue with confidence. Pack that trade! Stay here for a while in your management environment, because as soon as you have sent the order, you change the status to 'sent'. You will then immediately be given the option to 'collect' the money. Do it! Read more about 'collecting' and 'Payouts' here.

What if a customer also paid me directly?

In this case, you will have to reverse one of the two payments. Have you not yet collected the amount? Then you can easily cancel the transaction at Klarna. Open the order in your back office and simply click on Cancel. Did you already collect the amount? Then the payment has the status Completed and it is easier and faster to transfer the amount back to your customer via your business account. So determine for each situation which reimbursement is easier or desirable for you :)

What do the different payment statuses mean?

You can see different statuses with Klarna payments. The ones you definitely want to keep an eye on are Approved and Completed. These are directly related to your wallet ;-) Below the complete list.

  • Approved: your customer has passed the Klarna inspection, payment is now guaranteed. Send that package!
  • Completed: You have collected the amount, so now you are done. The amount will be included in a subsequent payment (or this has already happened).
  • Failed: This payment has failed. Your customer has not paid this order via Klarna.
  • Incomplete: this payment is not complete. Your customer has not paid for this order via Klarna.
  • New: you will not often encounter this status, the payment is now being processed by Klarna.
  • Pending: Payment is still pending. Wait a little longer and check later whether the status has now been approved.
  • Refunded: this amount has been refunded to your customer. It can take up to 2 weeks for it to be credited to his / her account.
  • Unknown: the status of this payment is unknown. Please contact Klarna for more information.
  • Canceled: The transaction has been canceled. Klarna will not charge this amount to your customer.

What do the different payment methods mean?

The order overview shows four different payment methods: bank transfer, post-payment, direct debit and credit card. This includes the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer: iDEAL, Sofort
  • Pay later: pay later via Klarna
  • Direct debit: one-off authorization (pay now)
  • Credit card: all credit card payments