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What is possible with Klarna in the new checkout?

On this page you will find answers to your questions about Klarna in the new checkout and the possibilities it offers for your shop!

Which payment methods are included?

Klarna has all the payment methods you need! Your customers can choose direct payment, deferred payment (with a credit card), a direct debit authorization, or even pay after receipt. You can also add to this by activating PayPal and pay on collection in addition to Klarna. Klarna only shows your customers the payment options that are available to them. For example, only your Dutch customers will see iDEAL.

  • Pay Later
  • iDEAL
  • Credit card
  •  Online transfer via Sofort: also for Belgium with KBC, Belfius and the other Belgian banks, more so than Bancontact ;-)

How does Pay Later work?

As soon as your customer chooses Klarna as the payment option (and fills in the required information), a check will be performed. Your customer will not notice this. Only relevant payment methods are then shown. If the customer is eligible for Pay Later, this payment method is also shown. Your customer can then complete the order without paying immediately. You don't have to wait until the payment is actually made. Klarna will simply pay this order to you with the next payout and they will take care of the payment by the customer.

Can I continue to use my current payment provider?

No, you can only use one payment provider, it is no different with Klarna. You can, however, offer PayPal and pay on collection. Klarna itself offers a Pay Later function.

Can I also make return payments?

Yes! That also happens within your back office under Visitors / Orders. When your customer returns something, you can create a return order and a credit note from the order detail page. That's the administrative part. The amount you want to refund to your customer can be refunded by Klarna by clicking on the 'Refund' button and entering the amount.

Can I generate a payment link for customers?

A Klarna transaction will only be initiated when an order has been placed in your shop. It is therefore not possible to start a single transaction (and send a payment link to your customer). Has your customer placed an order but he / she no longer knows how to pay? Then refer your customer to Klarna. Customers can simply log in there (without a complicated account) to pay for outstanding orders.

How does Klarna work for my customers?

For your customers, ordering via Klarna is a lot easier and faster! Where returning customers previously had to enter all their data, this is now no longer necessary. The first time a customer places an order with you, he / she fills in all the details. With every subsequent order, the data is already available and your customer can therefore proceed immediately. Customers who are not yet known to your shop, but have used Klarna before, can already order after entering their email address and zip code. Still a nice bonus for your customers; they receive purchase protection from Klarna. So extra safe shopping!

Does it also benefit me?

Hell yes! That customers can order faster and easier is of course the number 1 advantage! In addition, Klarna takes over the payment risk. This means that guaranteed payment does not have to go after your money. Also important: the new checkout is optimized for mobile use.

More about Klarna

Well, not unimportant to know: Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 with the idea of ​​offering simple payment solutions for online stores. After nine years, Klarna teamed up with SOFORT in 2014 to become the European market leader in online payments. Klarna manages the checkout and the payment solution that are integrated in Mijnwebwinkel.