Can I create a link using the MyOnlineStore API?

Updated on: 06 March 2018

The MyOnlineStore platform has a REST API that allows you to share information with online stores. It’s really a fantastic tool to create links to tens of thousands of online stores.

The MyOnlineStore API enables two-way traffic between applications and online stores. It’s the successor to the order feed that exported order information in XML format.
The API provides access to order details, products, lists and payment methods, among other things. You can also:

  • Change order details, add comments or update status information
  • Change product information, allowing you to update stocks, add extra fields and create new translations
  • Create or remove products
  • Generate output in both JSON and XML formats

The API is still in development. Many features are already available on the platform. They aren’t in the API yet, but they will be added in the future. For a full list of features you can use right now, took a look at our API documentation.

If you are a developer, and you want to create a link to the API, you will need the following:

Developers can create the merchant token in the test environment. Merchants can generate tokens in the live environment.

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