How to use AfterPay

Updated on: 09 May 2016

AfterPay allows your customers to pay for their purchases following receipt of their order, without the merchant incurring any payment risks. AfterPay takes charge of the entire payment process, including invoicing, and assumes all payment risks.

In order to use this payment method, you need to sign an agreement with AfterPay which includes the rates for order processing.

Once you’ve received your account details, you can enter them in the admin panel under ‘Order online/Payment methods’.

Once you’ve signed the agreement, AfterPay will send you the details you need to complete the fields correctly. You can choose which fees to charge your customers.

During the order process, AfterPay verifies the details entered by customers. If customers are rejected by AfterPay during the order process, they can, of course choose a different payment method to pay for their purchases. 

AfterPay payments that have been successfully verified during the order process are marked with the order status ‘Order in progress’.

Unlike for the other payment methods we offer, orders through AfterPay are not marked with a payment status under ‘Orders’ in the admin panel, as you need to check the status of these orders yourself via your AfterPay account.

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