What to look out for when you change or transfer your domain to MyOnlineStore

Updated on: 09 June 2020

If you choose to move your domain to our servers, emails will be sent and received via our servers. You can configure your email on your PC, smartphone or tablet, or read your emails online via our webmail. You will receive your log-in details by email.

If you already have a mailbox belonging to the domain, it is wise to make a backup. We can't move existing emails and therefore we have to create a new mailbox.

The existing results in search engines will be automatically redirected to the new online store/domain name after the change or transfer. This is done automatically through a 301 redirect; there’s no need for you to intervene. As a result, your Google ranking is safeguarded.

To ensure your new online store/domain, new products and new texts are easily found in Google, you can take the following steps:

  • Register with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Add and register your sitemap in the index

Subsequently, look for backlinks (links on other sites) that still refer to your old website/domain. A good tool to check which sites include links to your online store is 
Link Diagnosis. Once you’ve found old backlinks, you can ask the sites’ webmasters to replace them with your new links.

Now you need to be a little patient, because it might take a few weeks for search engines to update their databases. Do you need some help, advice or support? Don’t hesitate to contact our help desk. Our team will be more than happy to assist you!

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