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loyalty drives business.

Simply start your own unique loyalty program.

Het Mijnwebwinkel Spaarprogramma

Loyalty Program.

Build your own unique loyalty program and strengthen your brand

Start your own loyalty program for €19 per month in you Pro plan or totally free in your Premium plan and strengthen the bond between buyers and your brand. With the loyalty program, you can let customers earn points and reward customers. You will build customer loyalty and manage your customer data for marketing purposes. With this powerful tool, you get more revenue from your regular customer base and turn one-time customers into repeat customers. Define the rules yourself and link your loyalty program to your Pro or Premium webshop. Plug and play!

Loyalty drives business

Let your customer earn digital loyalty points with every purchase they make on your webshop to earn rewards. Good for your customers, but also good for your own business. Having a loyalty program increases your webshop turnover.

The loyalty program that fits your business perfectly

As a merchant, you can fully customize your loyalty program to suit your business and your brand. Name the program and the loyalty points. Determine how many points customers get per euro spent. And determine how many earned points are needed to get a reward. You choose which rewards you offer in your online store, whether it's in the form of a discount code, discount amount, free product or free shipping. It's up to you!

How to start your own Loyalty Program

  1. Log in to the back office of your PRO or PREMIUM webshop
  2. Go the the menu ‘Settings’ > ‘Add-ons & Modules’ > ‘Loyalty Program’ and add the Loyalty Program to your account.
  3. Then set up the Loyalty Program to your liking and activate it in your shop.