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about us.

Just add venture

Our goal is and remains to be the most successful Commerce platform for micro and small businesses (SMEs) in the Netherlands and Belgium. And with more than 5 million transactions annually and over 300 million euros in transaction volume over our platform, we are one of the most popular software providers in the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of e-commerce. That doesn't happen by itself, of course. We work on it every day. Really hard and with a lot of fun.

our mission.

We make commerce easy & fun

Conquering the world is only possible with a rock-solid foundation. Team MyOnlineStore does everything in its power to provide you, the adventurous entrepreneur, an e-commerce platform that fits your needs. Super solid, user-friendly, made to grow and... fun!

Because we know that doing business is hard work! But we also believe that doing business should be something that gives energy, instead of taking it. That’s what it is all about. Because if that works, so does everything else. Just add venture.

our roots.

Dutch Heritage

Although our ambitions are borderless, the roots of MyOnlineStore lie in the Netherlands. This is reflected in our no-nonsense approach, Dutch design mentality, and our employees, all Dutch. We work from our headquarters in the south of the Netherlands, with our team of 30 whizzkids, creatives and e-commerce bosses. We pull out all the stops to make the e-commerce platform better and better every day. So we can grow with our entrepreneurs, and let as many dreams come true as possible. Easy & fun.


Our brand values

We can summarise the core of MyOnlineStore in three words: 
We are bright, connected & independent.

made in Holland.

Part of the Visma group

MyOnlineStore is part of the Visma group. Visma is one of Europe's leading software companies. The Visma Group consists of 200 software companies, operating in more than 20 countries around the world. By reinforcing each other in terms of structure, market, knowledge and skills, we are able to contribute to a more efficient and sustainable society.

MyOnlineStore is the largest software provider in the Netherlands in the field of e-commerce. We are a fast-growing company, with a solid base and a young and enthusiastic team of 30 employees. Our platform is available in English, Dutch and French. Many entrepreneurs from different sectors and countries use our online solutions on a daily basis. A proven formula.