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seamless payments.

Pay without the hassle and bring all your payments together. In your shop, online and on the go.

Betaal en scan producten gemakkelijk met de Kassa App

Point of Sale App.

Synchronise all your sales

For €39 per month, you can use the POS App for all your sales. With the smart payment system from MyOnlineStore, you can synchronise your brick-and-mortar shop, market, exhibition stand and marketplace directly with your webshop. And you don't have to do anything extra for this. Not only will you save time, but you will also increase your turnover. A smart investment, in other words.

On- and offline in sync

The POS App gives you an overview of your sales and stock anytime, anywhere. Payments are made quickly and safely with this payment system. Not only in your webshop, but also in your brick-and-mortar shop, at fairs and on the market. And with the reports in the POS App, you have insight into your sales performance at a glance. This makes management and optimization a piece of cake.

How the POS App works

Scan the product and let your customers pay cash or contactless.  You can print the receipt or send it via email. The stock is updated automatically. Instantly. 

New stock? Easily add it via the POS App. Just scan and you're done.

Sales and returns

The POS App links all your online and offline sales. After each sale, your stock and orders are automatically updated. So your stock is always in sync. It is also easy to accept returns and they are automatically updated in your stock overview. It's so easy.

Stock always on-point

New delivery in? Use the hand scanner or your smartphone camera to scan products. With the POS App, your stock is updated in no time and you always have an overview of your products, stock and orders. Wherever you are.

Shop performance insights

With the reports in the POS App, you'll have easy insight into your sales performance at a glance. Do you sell in multiple locations? Then you can select these specifically. This way you can easily see which location is performing best on which days and which location needs optimization.

Cash, card or both

The POS app also gives you flexibility when it comes to (partial) payments. Full debit card, cash payment or part cash and part card payment? Everything is possible and it also remains clear for you. How convenient.

POS App mockup

How to add the POS App

  1. Download the POS App from the App Store
  2. Log into the back office of your PRO or PREMIUM account
  3. Go to the 'POS App' menu and add the POS App as an add-on to your account.
  4. Open the POS App on your smartphone, scan the QR code in your account and you are good to go!

Tip: don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop, but do you occasionally attend a fair or event? The POS App can be cancelled monthly, so you can easily switch it on and off. This way you never pay too much!

All-in-one checkout system

Extend the POS App to a complete point-of-sale system

Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop? Then you probably don't want to do all your sales, payments and returns with your smartphone. Fortunately, you can easily expand the POS App with hardware for a complete and professional point-of-sale system. With a hand scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, iPad holder and pin terminal, you have a complete POS system in one go. Affordable and super convenient.

all in one checkout system POS app
With a hand scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, iPad holder and pin terminal, you have a complete POS system in one go.

Shop POS accessories

Do you want to expand your mobile checkout solution into a fully-fledged cash register system for your brick-and-mortar shop? Take a look at our partners. And of course you can contact us if you need help and advice.


Already got a PIN terminal?

No problem at all. Just use the POS App with your own terminal by entering the amounts manually. Do you have a pin terminal from Zettle or Then link the POS App and it works completely automatically.

add the POS app

Download the POS App

The POS App is available for iPhone and iPad. Once you have connected the POS App, you can link and use it immediately. Let the cash register ring!

download the POS App

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