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The 4 most popular email automation scenarios

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Studies and clients show that automated campaigns have noticeably better results than traditional bulk mailings. Let's look at how to utilize the automated campaigns and create them easily using pre-made scenarios in Ecomail.

What is email automation?

Automated campaigns react according to a prepared scenario and send out targeted emails, SMS or run Facebook campaigns on their own. Recipients are targeted only once they meet specified conditions. It is, therefore, a real-time response to specific user activity. This way, customers are captured at the right time, and with content they are truly interested in.

Get to know the premade scenarios

Setting up email automations might seem tricky, but with Ecomail, you don't have to worry! Incorporating automated campaigns into your emailing is easier than you think. Each Ecomail account comes with 13 pre-made scenarios of the most popular automations to get you up and running in no time. With just a few clicks, you can set up an automated welcome email, a reminder of an abandoned cart, or ask for a review.

Automated campaign scenarios serve as inspiration, but more importantly, they make your job easier, because the setup process is fast and simple. Each scenario also includes pre-made email templates. All you have to do is customize the template to match your ideas. 

Detailed instructions can be found in help center >>

These are the 4 top scenarios


✔️ Thank you for subscribing

Establish a relationship with your contacts right from the start, and remember to welcome new subscribers with a welcome email after they sign up or subscribe to your newsletter.

Automation scenario:
A contact subscribes to your list -> an email is automatically sent thanking them for subscribing.

✔️ Discount on the first purchase

You can motivate your website visitors (new potential customers) to provide their contact info by offering a discount on their 1st purchase. However, remember to send them the discount coupon. This automation does it for you.


Automation scenario:

Once a contact is added to the list, we check if they have already placed an order -> if not, we send them an email with a discount code for their first purchase. And this does not have to be the end of the communication. 

In this scenario, a 2nd step is added with a check after a few days to see if the contact has used the coupons and completed the purchase -> if they haven't, you can nudge them to purchase with a second email reminding them of the pending expiration of the discount.

✔️ First order feedback

Ask the customer to provide feedback on their first order. Were they satisfied with the shipping, product quality, and what was their overall experience?

You can collect feedback via email or forward customers to your preferred feedback website. You can also provide an incentive (such as a discount on the next purchase) to increase the number of responses. 

Automation scenario:
After a purchase is made, check if this was the first order. If yes, wait x days (depending on the shipping time) and then send an email asking for feedback. 

✔️ Reward 30 days after purchase

Turn one-time customers into loyal ones and try to motivate them to buy again. Use discount codes or free shipping to incentivize customers to make another purchase. 

This scenario can also be used for repeat consumption - ask the customer if the product ran out and they need a refill.

Automation scenario:

Customer makes a purchase -> after a few days, a check is made to see if the contact has placed another order, and if not, an email is sent to the customer thanking them and perhaps giving them a discount on their next purchase.

Among the pre-made automations, you can find scenarios for Birthday Wishes, E-book Downloads and 1st Purchase Anniversary.

Using premade scenarios in Ecomail is truly easy. If you have any questions, reach out to