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How to respond to Singles Day


Singles Day is approaching! Every year Singles Day takes place on November 11th. Are you already familiar with this holiday? Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been known for years, but Singles Day is also becoming more and more popular. We would like to explain what Singles Day really is and how you could respond to it!

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day, also known as 'Bachelor's Day', is a holiday of Chinese origin. It was created as a counterpart of Valentine's Day. Four singles stand for individuality, which is why the date was chosen: 11-11. Originally this day was all about being proud of being single and treating yourself, but Singles Day is becoming more and more commercial and is no longer just for bachelors. Nowadays, many online stores offer extra discounts during Singles Day, for both bachelors and singles. So this bargain day is well used by everyone and because it is the first bargain day of November, the first purchases for Sinterklaas and Christmas are made on this day. Black Friday (27 November 2020) and Cyber Monday (30 November 2020) follow after Singles Day.

Of course you can choose not to participate in the discount-madness, but you could also make use of. For both webshops participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we've listed a few useful tips!

Alibaba sales singles day.png
Alibaba's gross merchandise volume on Singles Day from 2011 to 2019

Tip 1. Don't just focus on bachelors

Originally Singles Day was about bachelors, but over the years this has changed and both bachelors and non-bachelors are put in the spotlight on Singles Day. So don't just focus on bachelors who want to treat themselves, but think further. Thanks to the attractive discounts it is also a suitable day to put others in the spotlight. You could think of a product or gift package with a nice message for someone who always thinks of others and never thinks of themselves. 

Tip 2. Make sure you promote the right products

The most searched categories during Singles Day are: clothing, accessories, gadgets, electronics, beauty products and other luxury products. Take a look at your offer and choose the products that best fit these searches. By promoting these kinds of products you can lure online shoppers to your webshop and tempt them with the rest of your offer. Make sure you put the products you want to promote in the spotlight so that your customers can't get around it.

Tip 3. Check your stock

Every webshop has a number of products that don't do as well as the rest. A day like Singles Day is the perfect day to offer a discount on these kinds of products. This way you get rid of your overstock and customers can buy them for a nice price. Would you like to offer a discount on your entire range of products? Then check if this is possible with the stock you have now. If the products that you are going to promote and that normally run well, you want to have enough stock to prevent having to sell a 'no'.

Tip 4. Set up a special page

To make it extra easy for the customer, you can choose to set up a dedicated product/category page. For example, you can create a 'Singles Day' page. On this page you can place all products with a discount price, this way your customers can see at a glance for which nice bargains they are paying a visit to your shop. Even if you don't offer any discounts, you can set up a dedicated page. This way you can inspire visitors and show them that you also sell Singles Day products.

Tip 5. Make sure everything works

When you choose to use discount codes, it would be convenient that they can actually be used. So to avoid disappointment, it is wise to check if they work before communicating the codes. It is also wise to take a look at your mobile website. Nowadays a lot of online shopping is done on smartphones, that's why it's important that your visitors are able to view your webshop on their mobile phone.

Tip: Use the theme 'Clear As Day' for the perfect responsive webpage if you haven't already done this. Our newest shops automatically feature this theme. Read more about our themes here.

Tip 6. Communicate with your customers

When you decide to respond to a holiday like Singles Day, it is important that this is also clear to your customers. Make sure you let them know in advance that you are participating and let them know shortly in advance what your clients can expect from you. For example, you can send out a newsletter in which you clearly mention a discount code. It's also a good idea to prepare social media posts on the day itself with photos of the products you're promoting on that day. Also make sure you are reachable and interact with customers!