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Sander from, as the name of his webshop already suggests, sells radios. His webshop specializes in DAB+ radios. In this blog Sander gives you 3 tips to increase your sales.

Explain, what is DAB+?

DAB+ stands for digital audio broadcasting. This is also called 'digital radio'. It is a relatively new way of broadcasting radio, in which radio signals are sent to radios in a digital way. The advantage of this is better sound quality and a wider range of radio stations. The 'disadvantage' is that you need a special new radio for it, but hey: I sell those ;-).


How did you get the idea to sell these radios?

At the end of the 90s I came into contact with the developments in the field of DAB+ radio devices at trade fairs. At that time, there was a test network for DAB+ broadcasts in the Netherlands and Belgium. At the same time, thousands of DAB+ radios have been sold in the UK. That gained my interest. It became increasingly clear to me that there might be a market for this in the Netherlands in the future. After all, to receive DAB+, a new radio had to be purchased. At that time radio was pretty much the last audio-electronics product that was not yet digital, so 1 + 1 = 2. That is how was born.

Why did you decide to start an online store?

Because of the relatively low costs and effort it entails. It is also simply not necessary to have an expensive store in the shopping street. I thought it would be fantastic to just start a webshop, without a physical store, when introducing the DAB+ radio in The Netherlands.

How do you distinguish yourself from competitors?

As a small webshop it is difficult to distinguish yourself from the big boys and girls in the online world. Fortunately I did it. For me, specialization is a good way to appeal to the consumer. I have the following 3 tips:

Tip 1: Create good and unique content

Do not take content blindly from your supplier, but write it yourself. Standard texts and images don't provide a unique experience! Also use unique content such as YouTube videos. In this way you are visible as a person; people like to buy from people. This immediately makes the contact a lot more personal.


Tip 2: Know what you are talking about

I have years of experience with the products that I offer in my webshop. By writing the product texts myself, I kill two birds with one stone: the pages are unique, but I also gain more knowledge. In order to write a good product text, I have to read the manuals to get to know the products better. I continuously use that acquired knowledge; if someone calls or e-mails I can answer immediately, because I know what I am talking about. If I can advise someone well, it often results in an order.

Tip 3: Give personal advice and attention

I ask my customers a lot of questions in order to recommend the perfect radio. My product range is wide, so that a suitable radio is available for every problem or question. People experience it as a relief to speak to someone who listens to them and understands them.

Even if I don't have a solution, I want my customers to go home satisfied. For example, I once had a couple in the showroom who I gave explanations and demonstrations about several radios. The couple was happy and went home with a radio. They came back a week later, because they were not so happy with the device. Together we continued to look for a better match, until they were satisfied. Sometimes they leave with no product at all. That can be the case. But, I prefer that instead of someone leaving my showroom dissatisfied.

Do you have a marketing tip for other entrepreneurs?

Respond to relevant events or holidays! For example, the Belgian and Dutch governments have promotional weeks to give DAB+ extra attention. The reason for this is that DAB+, the successor to DAB, handles bits and bytes more efficiently. In November 2019, for example, Belgium hosted the Digital Radio Week. The perfect time for me to offer my Belgian customers something extra! I hereby use the Shopboost pop-up. Because Shopboost supports geotargetting, I can offer a discount code that only the Belgians receive when they visit my webshop. For example, they receive a 10% discount on all DAB+ models. Its so easy! I then spread the promotion via all kinds of social media. With this I hope to attract extra audience.

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What is your experience with Shopboost?

I mainly use Shopboost when I have a promotion going on. Everyone that visits my webshop is offered a small surprise via a pop-up. Visitors browse my site for a relatively long time. They usually do not necessarily have doubts, but scan the products and compare them. In this way I surprise everyone with something nice. Among those who accept the surprise, one in three actually orders something. Sometimes they order immediately, sometimes after one or a few days.

Why did you choose MyOnlineStore?

I also expect the specialization that I offer in my webshop from the parties where I purchase my services. In July 2007 I joined MyOnlineStore. I chose this platform at that time, because I could easily set up a shop. Even now it works very simply: I experience processing orders, creating products and setting up the pages as user-friendly. Because MyOnlineStore continues to develop, the service remains good. The Customer Care department also responds quickly and adequately on my questions. If I have feedback, they notate them and when mentioned by different webshop owners, the feedback will be implemented in the service. You can count on being heard and having an answer within a day. That gives me a lot of confidence.

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