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Channable offers a data feed management tool and SEA automation for your web shop. It allows you to easily advertise on marketplaces, comparison sites, affiliates and display.


Channable is a tool for feed management and SEA automation in your web shop. This tool allows users to create and optimize feeds for over 2500 international export channels (e.g. comparison sites, affiliates and displays) by using extensive rules. Examples of these export channels are or Google Shopping. In addition, the tool offers features to advertise items on marketplaces (plus order synchronization) and a SEA tool. The SEA tool consists of two functions: creating dynamic text ads (Google Ads and Amazon Ads) and Google Shopping campaigns.

Basic info

  • Available in MyOnlineStore Premium
  • Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish
  • Free trial
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Channable is directly connected to MyOnlineStore which give you the ability to swiftly import your MyOnlineStore feed. Channable is the all-in-one solution with which you can drastically increase the traffic to your online store and fully manage your feed marketing. Once you have your products imported, Channable provides you with all the tools to adjust your Mijnwebwinkel shopping feed to the specification of all export channels.

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