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How to add downloadable files?

Sometimes it is useful - or even mandatory - to add additional information to products or on pages. Consider, for example, manuals, instructions and product folders. But how does that work?

Via legal documents

In the back office you have the option to upload PDF files via Settings/legal/Legal documents.

Click 'Select file' and then select the document you want to upload and click 'add'. Here you can upload up to five PDF documents with a file size of up to 2 MB. Do you have a multilingual store? Then you can upload 5 documents per language.

You can copy the URL to the document via the link button behind the document you uploaded. You can then use it as a link in your footer, a page or an article description. Easy, right?

Via an external cloud storage service

If you want to offer more, larger or different types of files, we advise you to use a cloud storage service such as Google Drive. You do need an account to use this external platform. This is free with Google Drive.

After registration you can upload documents and make them available. You do this via a 'shareable link'. You can then place that link on a page or the product description.

Let op!

Because Google Drive is a cloud storage service that is not managed by MyOnlineStore, we cannot guarantee the storage, backup, legality and validity of the link. For more information about this, please refer to the provider of the cloud storage service.