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How to add a page header

A page header is the image that appears on top of every page in your online store. It generally includes your logo. To add a page header go to ‘Settings/Design/Template settings/Header’ in the back office.

To ensure this page header is suitable for any screen width it needs to be 2,200 pixels wide. Make sure the main information, such as your logo, is positioned in the inner 1,100 pixels, because the outer 1,100 pixels are cut off on smaller screens (such as those of phones and tablets). The height of your header image should not exceed 400 pixels.

  • Using the Classic theme? Then create a header that is 770, 880, 990 or 1100 pixels wide. The width depends on the settings chosen under ‘Settings/Design/Layout.’
  • You can create the image using a photo editing or drawing program, such as Adobe PhotoShop or Gimp. If you haven’t got this software, you can also use an online tool like Pixlr.
  • Save the image in .jpg, .gif or (transparent) .png format to use it as a page header. Another option is to use an animated .gif file.