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How can I display my products?

Looking for the best way to display your products? MyOnlineStore allows you to choose from different overviews and layouts. Some can be applied as a standard to your entire online store, while others can be configured for each page separately.

Product settings
To view the general product settings for your online store go to Settings/Design/Product display settings in the back office. Here you can set the amounts your customers can choose from when ordering a product, for example any number between 1 and 10, or you can add a free-text field, i.e. a field where they can enter an amount themselves.

Product overviews
Your customers can view your products in your online store in two different ways: in the product overviews on your pages and on the detailed product pages, which also include a product description.

For your product overviews you can choose from about ten different displays (this can differ slightly depending on the chosen theme). The differences between these displays are the image sizes, the inclusion of the title and description, and sometimes even animations.


For the product overviews with small images and those with large images you can choose how many product columns and rows to show on the screen. This allows you to determine how many products are featured on each page. Important remark: On smaller screens, the columns and rows are adapted to the screen size, so they may be displayed differently!

The display you choose under Settings/Design/Product display settings is applied to every new page. If you want the chosen display to be applied to your existing pages, you first need to activate the slider at 'Apply display mode to all overviews.' However, you can also opt for a different display on each page. To do so, go to Content/Products and select the page for which you’d like a different display. Then click on the product display of your choice: 


Product detail page

The product detail page is where you present your product to your customers with the product description, price, product photos and the possibility to place an order. Here too you can choose from different displays. The chosen display is applied to all products in the entire store.

Make sure that the display you’ve chosen for the product detail page – and for the overview pages – can also be used in combination with your product photos. Some displays work better with vertical photos, while for others, horizontal photos are better.


The ‘wallpaper’ display on the detailed product page uses the second product photo as a background image for the entire page. If no second image has been selected, the first is used. You can choose a different image for the overview display and one for the detailed product page.