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New method: product options

Creating and linking product options has become a lot easier. The difference and how it works can be read in this article.

Why is this method better?

From now on you can create just one selection list, which you can easily use for multiple products. Even if the choices differ per product. Suppose you offer multiple pullovers. Then for all pullovers you sell, you can use the same product option 'size' with all choices from XXS to XXL. You can check for every pullover which choices are available. You can also indicate per article what the possible additional price should be. You no longer have to create a separate product option for each product. That's great ;-)

Note: Disconnecting an 'old' product option automatically removes the variant data. You can reset this when you create a new product option. Example: if you have set your stock per variant or an additional price per variant, you will lose the information when you disconnect your selection list.

How it works

Step 1: Create product options. Then click on 'Add new product option'.

Step 2: Enter the name and description of the product option.

Step 3: Save your new product option. You can now enter new options for this product option. 

Step 4: Enter the name and the price difference of this specific option.

Step 5: Have you entered all the options? Then save it. 

Step 6: Now you're ready to link the product option to your products. Go to 'Products' and choose the product to which you want to link the product option. Scroll down and click 'Add product options'

Step 7: Select the options that apply to this specific product. Click on 'Attach' and save these settings.

Step 8: You're ready! :-) Do you sell similar products like these? Then you can use the same product options-list.