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When uploading an image, do I need to set a background color too?

Yes, it’s wise to do so. You’d expect it not to be necessary to set a background color when you’ve already uploaded an image, but we recommend you do this anyway. Why? Read on…

  • By default, the background color is white
  • Your browser (the software you use to browse the internet, such as Google Chrome or Safari) displays the background color you’ve chosen while the image is loading. If your image is mostly dark, your visitors will first see a white box, which will then be replaced by the image. Needless to say, this looks messy and not very appealing.  
  • Some colors, such as the background color of certain tables, are set based on the background color. If no background color has been chosen, white is used, which can lead to undesired results.

How to upload a background image and set a background color

To upload a background image in your online store’s back office go to ‘Settings/Design/Template settings/Page’ and at the same time, also choose a background color.

Which background color should I choose?

Have a good look at the image you’re uploading and determine the color that best matches the shades in this image. If it’s very dark, we recommend you choose a dark shade that features heavily in your image. If your image is light, choose a light tint.

How do I select a specific shade in an image?

To select a specific color in a background image you can use a so-called ‘color picker’ to determine the color code of that specific shade. If you don’t have a photo editing software package, such as Adobe Photoshop, you can use an online ‘color picker’. Moreover, several browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, can be equipped with plug-ins to pick a color on a page. An example of such a tool is Google Chrome’s Eye Dropper.