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Boost your sales with great packaging

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Try to remember all the times you placed an online order and you received a parcel. Which ones instantly come to mind? Probably the orders wrapped in a unique way or accompanied by a personal message. Believe it or not, the way you package your products has a major impact on your sales. Read on to find out why.

Show customers what you’ve got

The moment your customers receive their parcel is one of the few times they have physical contact with your brand. It’s the perfect opportunity to show what you’ve got in store and to make a good impression. Send out neat parcels and choose packaging that matches your house style. Opt for matching colors and materials, and include a business card. Many online merchants fail to recognize the opportunities this brings.

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Don't choose the easy way out

The main goal of a parcel is to protect your product during shipping. Then why go through the trouble of wrapping it up nicely? After all, a simple box is an easier (and much cheaper) option, right? Not really – nice packaging can actually prove much more beneficial than you’d think.

Consider this… Don’t you just love receiving beautifully wrapped products rather than plain cardboard boxes? That special touch makes you feel valued as a customer, particularly when the merchant has included a personal message. Research shows that 52% of consumers are tempted to place another order in an online store after receiving their products in special packaging.

What’s more, when they’ve received such a special parcel, four in ten consumers share a photo on social media for their friends and relatives to see. What better way to give your store a good boost?

Get to know your customers

Adding a personal message to your customers’ orders works miracles. Write their name on the note and let them know you appreciate that they ordered through your store. The more personal the message, the better. If you have a large customer base, this can be quite time-consuming, but believe me, customers who have received a personal message will remember you much longer than those who just got a generic card, so get writing!

Thank your customers

Add a little token of appreciation to each order, such as a discount voucher to be used for subsequent orders. After all, it is always cheaper and easier to encourage existing customers to place a new order than to attract new customers that still need convincing.

Go wild creating custom parcels!

Are you ready to go wild creating custom parcels for your next orders? First of all, you need to decide how you’re going to go about it. The possibilities are endless of course, but you need to make sure you don’t end up losing money. Remember, among other things, that the heavier the parcel, the higher the shipping costs, so don’t use too much extra material. Below you’ll find a few musts to create a professional parcel:

  • A nice box that perfectly fits your product. If you’re sending a mini USB stick, there’s no need for a huge moving box ;-)
  • Protective material to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Padding material if the product is smaller than the shipping box to avoid the item being shaken around in the box.  
  • Nice wrapping materials to surprise your customers with. During the Christmas festivities it’s a good idea to stick to the Christmas theme.
  • Your online store’s business card, including your contact details.
  • A personal message for your customer (e.g. on a nice matching card).
  • The order invoice.

Time to start brainstorming! Looking for inspiration? Here are some creative examples:

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Images: Pinterest
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What do your parcels look like?