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From an exceptional shipping service to a sales boost: 5 tips

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Offer an exceptional shipping service to boost your sales. It may not seem like an obvious strategy - and it's definitely not the first one you'd consider - but it's surely an effective one! Customers are becoming increasingly demanding and as an online merchant, you have no choice but to play along. Below you'll find 5 simple tips for a top-notch shipping service.

1. Lots of shipping options to choose from

We all have our own preferences when it comes to shipping. Online shoppers want to increasingly decide how, when and where their parcel is delivered, so make sure you offer several options. A few examples? Monday, Saturday or late-night deliveries, same-day delivery or delivery at DHL collection points.

Not all options may be equally interesting to you or your customers, but the idea is to give different options. Offer the options that are most relevant to your target group and present them in a simple, structured manner. To guarantee the highest degree of flexibility, you could join forces with several shipping partners and a shipping platform can be very useful to manage the entire process.

2. Offer easy returns

Don’t you hate it when you receive a product that doesn’t meet your expectations? The last thing you want is a whole fuss to return it. Keep in mind that a complex returns process will have a negative impact on your sales. Don’t encourage people to return their products, but do make it easy for them to do so if necessary.

How to simplify your returns policy:

  • Clearly present returns information on your homepage (see tip no. 3).
  • Create a returns page listing all the information on the return process (see tip no. 4).
  • Use shipping boxes that can easily double as returns packaging.
  • Allow your customers to easily print a returns label or add one to the parcel.

3. Clearly present shipping information on your homepage

New visitors know within 10 seconds whether or not they’re going to place an order in your online store. They are after clear shipping information that’s available at a glance. Until what time can they place an order today for the items to be delivered at their door tomorrow? Showcase three to five of your main services in a nutshell, for example in a banner on your homepage.

4. Create a separate shipping and returns page

Create a separate page to give more details on your shipping and returns policy and place it in your footer, for example. Give a detailed answer to all shipping questions, for example:

  • Which shipping partner(s) have you joined forces with to send your parcels?
  • Which delivery options do you offer?
  • How much time do your customers have to return their order?
  • How can customers return their order?
  • What is the cut-off time (e.g. order until 23:59 and receive your order the following day)?
  • What is the minimum order amount for free delivery?
  • Who pays the returns costs?

5. Make sure your customers know what to expect

Make sure your shopping cart is clearly visible and the ordering process is a simple one. This reduces the risk of potential customers leaving your store just before placing their order. Do you have a lot of information to share with your visitors? Don’t list all of it in the description on your order pages, but link to the page you’ve created in line with tip no. 2. Chances are your visitors will actually just go ahead with their purchase, because they tend to avoid longer texts.

Clearly describe how the parcel will be delivered for each shipping option, so that customers know exactly what to expect.