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Five tips to boost sales through your newsletter

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Newsletters and other forms of email marketing are the most effective online marketing tools. If you have your own online store, they can really help you boost your sales. Tim Fabels of Combidesk has five handy tips for an effective MailChimp newsletter. He also explains how the tool works.

MailChimp in a nutshell

The MyOnlineStore newsletter module features all the tools you need to create an effective newsletter. Do you want to take it one step further? Then switch to MailChimp. There are many software packages out there to design nice digital newsletters, but MailChimp is by far the most popular and widely used, with its detailed reports and automatic transfer of email addresses from orders.

How to boost your email campaigns

  1. Only include people in your mailing list that are truly interested in what you have to say. How? With the ‘opt-in method’. Also create a separate customer database, which can easily be automated by linking your online store to MailChimp (keep reading to find out how to do this).
  2. Think of a catchy subject line. Day in, day out, our mailboxes are flooded with countless messages, so it’s important to stand out to tickle the reader’s curiosity. An example? A statement which leaves out the solution, or a question as a subject. Check out these subject lines:
    - How to get more… 
    - Why you… 
    - How to easily… 
    - 5 ways to… 
    - Are you ready…? 
    - Do you have the right…? 
  3. Provide readers with relevant content. Sending out nothing but ads doesn’t work. Readers must feel the mailshot is worth reading. 75% of people who unsubscribe to newsletters do so because they feel the content is irrelevant. You can work with other parties to come up with relevant content, for example with a supplier or partner.
  4. Create a nice layout to entice people to read your newsletter. Also integrate your house style in your newsletter to boost visibility, and make sure it can be read on mobile devices. MailChimp takes this into account and offers you many ready-made templates. Have a look at these inspiring examples.
  5. Send out your newsletters regularly, for example every last Tuesday of the month. If you send them out too frequently, however, people may end up unsubscribing. So choose your newsletter frequency wisely to ensure you can offer a good amount of relevant content. 

How-tos – video tutorials

Never made a newsletter before? No worries, MailChimp is one of the easiest packages to use. Start by creating an account and completing your mailing list. If you have a large customer database, you can export it directly to MailChimp with the Combidesk link.


Watch our handy video tutorials:

•    Video 1) How to link MyOnlineStore to MailChimp
•    Video 2) How to create a newsletter with MailChimp 1: Overview
•    Video 3) How to create a newsletter with MailChimp 2: Design
•    Video 4) How to create a newsletter with MailChimp 3: Preview and test
•    Video 5) How to use sign-up forms – obtain email addresses


What is Combidesk?

Combidesk allows you to easily link your online store with various online software packages, including MailChimp. All it takes is four easy steps! And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech whiz, saving you lots of time and effort. Try this feature free of charge for two months!