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Join the March Meet The Maker-challenge!

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Out of 42.000+ merchants on our platform there are a lot of creatives who produce their own products. Does this also apply to you? Get to know #MarchMeetTheMaker! We'll explain how it works.


#MarchMeetTheMaker is a 31 days Instagram Challenge invented by Joanne Hawker that takes place in March. During the whole month creatives show off their work. Why? To get to know each other, to support one another, to make new contacts, to tell their own story and to increase their amount of followers. It is a great moment to show some behind the scenes of your creative job. Last year, a lot of MyOnlineStore webshops joined the challenge.

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Content of the challenge:​

Every day you tell something about a different topic:

March 1: Brand introduction
March 2: Style
March 3: Beliefs & values
March 4: On your desk
March 5: Newest make
March 6: Free
March 7: Free
March 8: Work in progressMarch 9: Learning curve
March 10: Small detail
March 11: Portrait
March 12: In use
March 13: Free
March 14: Free
March 15: Focus & priorities 
March 16: From the archive
March 17: Process
March 18: Colour
March 19: Silver linings
March 20: Free
March 21: Free
March 22: Hands on
March 23: Job/s
March 24: Wrapped & packaged
March 25: Starting point
March 26: Favourite
March 27: Free
March 28: Free
March 29: Reel
March 30: Range
March 31: Looking forward

Days marked as 'free' are breaks or for anything else you want to post! By using the hashtags #MarchMeetTheMaker you can find and follow other creatives.

Example #MarchMeetTheMaker 2020

Of course you don't have to brainstorm for a new post every day. You can also prepare everything in advance by using the #MarchMeetTheMaker-planner

Do you lack time to publish a new post every day? Then you can use Planoly. By using this app you can schedule your pictures and videos, including pre-created captions, throughout the month. That makes the challenge more convenient ;-) 

Unfortunately, you can't schedule Instagram Stories with Planoly. If you prefer to work with Instagram Stories, then you will have to manually post them. Use the Unfold app to easily create beautiful Stories. 

Tag in your Instagram Stories or Instagram posts so we can share them! We are looking forward to reading all your stories. 


 Tip! Use our 'Beliefs & Values' template on March 3rd or use the 'This or That' template on a 'Free' day. 


Do you join #MarchMeetTheMaker?

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