04 September 2018

Working from home? Discover our 8 handy tips!

Hanneke van der Kallen
Marketing | MyOnlineStore

Many people run their online store from home. The main advantage is that you’re free to plan your day as you like. Movie marathons and pajama days, anyone? Well, not quite… ;) Working from home is not as easy and fun as people might think. Are you one of those people who lose focus really quickly and have trouble staying productive? We’ve got a few useful tips coming your way…

Create a designated workspace that feels comfortable and boasts lots of natural light. Research shows that working in a space that is bathed in natural light boosts productivity. Also invest in a good office chair. You’ll soon notice that once comfy, you can work for hours without annoying backaches.

Are you one of those people who simply can’t work at a messy desk? Or are you the type of person that has all sorts of things scattered across the table? See what works best for you. Tidy up what isn’t relevant for your work, but make sure you know where everything is, so that you don’t lose anything important.

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If you want to be successful working from home, you’ll need a good dose of discipline. That’s a must, because otherwise you’ll often end up postponing work and your productivity will drop. Be strict with yourself. Make a clear schedule, so that you know in advance what time you’ll start working and what needs to be done in one day. Feeling overwhelmed? Then try to split up tasks to boost your motivation.

When people realize you’re at home a lot, they’ll often invite you for fun outings. Learn to say no, or you’ll end up wasting half a day and getting nothing done. Try to set clear boundaries when it comes to working hours and outings. And remember… working hours are meant for working!

Nowadays we have a tendency to check our emails and cellphones non-stop. If you really want to be productive, you need to switch off all distracting notifications. That’s right, no more WhatsApp messages, phone calls, texts and emails. You’ll see, you’ll get so much more done! Of course your customers need to be able to reach you, but try to limit yourself to a set number of email/social media moments. If you clearly tell your customers when they can expect a reply, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

So to recap, no more distracting notifications to give your productivity a serious boost!

A quick trip to the grocery store or a few loads of washing… When working from home, you might be tempted to do these ‘quickly, in between tasks’. The problem is, these seemingly little things take up more time than you’d think. Try to spend a few hours working without any interruptions. That will allow you to finish the bulk of your work and feel more satisfied in the end.

A big advantage of working from home is that, in principle, you could spend the whole day in your pajamas. Sounds like fun, right? Well, why not get dressed first thing in the morning? You’ll immediately notice the difference. All of a sudden you’ll set to work with a much more active mindset!

Many people who work from home say they sometimes feel lonely. After all, there are no colleagues around to have a chat with. Use your newly found freedom to work from a different location from time to time. Not only is it inspiring, it also gives you a chance to have a chat or ask others for feedback.


When you work from home, there’s no closing the office door behind you, so it’s tempting to sit down and ‘finish up a few bits here and there’. Just remember, no matter how much you love your job, there’s no need to overdo it. It’s OK to work late every once in a while, but make sure you’re not working day and night! You need some you-time to stay focused. And let’s face it, your partner surely deserves some attention too ;)

In a nutshell, working from home really is different for each and every one of us. The key to success is to find out what works best for you. Do you have any interesting experiences and handy tips you want to share?

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