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Can I use custom CSS in my store?

Yes, you can! Custom CSS is part of our PREMIUM plan. This feature allows you to personalise your store just a little bit more. Would you like to move your logo 50 pixels to the left? You can. Want to edit the alignment of your headers? No problem. A green border around your slideshow? Even that's possible.

What exactly is CSS?

Each and every website makes use of CSS. CSS is the abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. The CSS of a website describes how the various elements should be displayed. The formatting and design of your online store are captured in the style sheet. The file is filled with lines of code that can be read and applied by internet browsers.   

Add custom CSS using the editor

Where can I edit CSS?

The feature Custom CSS is available in MyOnlineStore PREMIUM only. If you have a GO of PRO store, find out more about this feature. Editing the CSS of your online store can be done at Settings/Design/Custom CSS. PREMIUM subscribers will find an editor there in which code lines can be added. Go to your online store to view the results of your work straight away!

Should I edit CSS?

Obviously, your online store already has a style sheet. When designing your store, we've already taken care of that. So editing your CSS is not a necessity. The option to have custom CSS is especially for those merchants who feel like doing something extra to the design of their store. 


Only use custom CSS when you know what you're doing. If you don't, be sure to check the results of your changes and delete any lines that didn't work out well. Our support team cannot guide you in editing code. This means we can't help you out when there's a mistake in your code lines.