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How to change your design

Create your own design

Your website design is the first thing your visitors see. Needless to say, the design and presentation of your online store determine how your potential customers will feel about your online store and what their expectations will be. We therefore recommend you create your own design, look and feel. To help you on your way, you can use our design template.

You can create your own header or change the page background under Settings/Design/Template settings. Also determine where the various page elements should be positioned by clicking on Settings/Design/Store Layout.

Design templates

When activating your shop, you can choose from several templates to start from. From there, you can use template settings to embellish your site in just a few easy clicks.

Go to Settings/Design/Template settings to start your alterations.


Need some more help designing your site? Phone or e-mail our helpdesk, or contact one of our design partners. Go to the Support page to view an overview of our partners. Simply click on ‘Partners’ and make your choice!