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How to change your domain name

Let's assume your domain is not suitable any longer because your offer has changed. Or maybe there's a typo in it... No matter what you're reason is, you can always change your domain. Read on to find out how.

What to take into consideration

Before you change your domain name, bear in mind the following:

  • Are you the owner of the new domain name and would you like to transfer it to our servers? We can take care of this. You'll need to enter a ‘transfer token’, which you can request from your current host. You will then need to terminate your contract with your current host yourself.
  • Once the change has been processed, we will cancel your old domain name. If you want to keep your old domain name, you can move it to a different host. To do so, contact us at once the domain name has been changed to request a ‘transfer token’. By default, visitors to your old domain name are redirected to your new domain during two weeks. Care to continue redirecting after that period of time? Be sure to transfer your domain to another host timely.
  • With a new domain comes a new mailaddress. The mailaccount info@yourpreviousdomain will also be terminated after two weeks. So make sure to back up any messages you’d like to hold on to. You can either forward them to another mailaccount or import them to a folder in your preferred mailclient (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail). You'll need our server adresses to do the latter. 
  • Once your online store has been linked to your new domain name, don't forget to inform your payment service provider (for example MultiSafepay and/or PayPal). Think of other parties that are connected to your shop and whether or not you should inform them as well. E.g. Google also uses the domain in services like Analytics, Search console and so on.
  • To change your domain name, we charge a one-time fee of €39 (excl. VAT).​

Important remark

If you have a website and/or email address linked to the old domain, both will no longer be accessible!

How to launch the process:

  1. Log onto your online store’s admin panel.
  2. Go to ‘Settings/Store details/Change domain name'
  3. Enter the desired domain and click 'Check'. 
  4. Confirm that you agree to these alterations.
  5. As soon as we’ve received your request, we will register your new domain or transfer your existing domain.

Once it has been enabled and it's connected to your shop, you will receive the credentials for your new mailbox by email.