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What do I have to do when my domain name changes?

f the URL of your webshop changes, it is important that you adjust the URL in all places where you use it. We have therefore made a handy checklist for you.


  • your webshop (as in the footer) 
  • social media channels 
  • your email signature 
  • all Google services (Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console) 
  • your Chamber of Commerce registration 
  • the management environment of your payment provider 
  • with other relevant partners

Sign up with Google
To be found in Google with your new webshop / domain, new products and new information as soon as possible, you can do the following:

Keep in mind that Google does not just forget your 'old' URLs. Do you still come across old search results from pages that no longer exist? Then you can possibly submit a request to remove it from the Google index. More information about this can be found at Search Console Help.

Go look for backlinks (links on other sites) that still point to your old URL. A good program to find out which sites refer to your online store is SeoRaket. If you have found old backlinks, you can ask the webmaster of the sites to change the link to your new link.

E-mail address
Does your email address change in addition to your URL? Then make sure you adjust it in all places in your webshop, on your social media channels, in Google My Business and update your customers.

Are we missing something? Let us know!