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How do I move my .com, .de, .net or .info domain to MyOnlineStore?

To transfer your .com, .de, .net or .info domain to MyOnlineStore you need to follow the steps below:

1. Request a transfer token (also known as ‘EPP code’) from your current host. Enter this code when your register/upgrade your online store.

2. We will send you your first invoice the following working day at the latest. Once we have received your payment, we will start the transfer process. Should you decide to choose a domain name at a later stage, while you still have an outstanding invoice, we may ask you to pay the balance first and then proceed to the registration/transfer of your domain name.

4. Once we have started the transfer process, you will receive an email (in English) on the email address used to register your domain. This email includes a confirmation link.

5. Once you have confirmed you agree with the transfer by clicking this link, your .com, .de, .net or .info domain will be activated and linked to your online store within seven working days at the latest.

6. We will then email you the log-in details to configure the mailbox we’ve created for you. 

Do you have a website and/or mailbox linked to your current domain? Then bear in mind that with the transfer, any integration will expire. To prevent this, choose a different domain name for your online store, for example www.[domainname]