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How does the Loyalty Program work?

It’s important to inform your customers about your loyalty program, so that they can make use of it to the fullest extent.

The loyalty program

Customers with a customer account can use the loyalty program. As soon as the customer has logged in to the webshop, the loyalty program can be seen in their customer account

  • Redeem: Here the customer sees the number of points collected and the rewards for which the points can be exchanged.
  • My rewards: As soon as the customer exchanges the points for a reward, it will be visible to the customer under the 'Rewards' tab. Here the rewards are listed in order of expiration date. The code with which the reward can be redeemed is visible. Redeeming can be done by entering the code in the shopping cart in the ‘discount code’ field.
  • History: Under the tab 'History' you can see all changes related to the loyalty points.

Nice to know

When the customer edits the email address associated with their customer account, the saved points simply transfer to this new account. It is possible to exclude business customers from the loyalty program.