How do I use Feedback Company?

Updated on: 22 September 2020

Available from Mijnwebwinkel PRO

With Feedback Company you can automatically collect and publish reviews about your webshop. This has advantages for your webshop in terms of reliability/appearance and search engine optimisation

Through this connection your customers will receive a feedback invitation by email after the order has been placed. You can set the number of days after which this email will be sent, depending on your delivery time. It is also possible to send a reminder if there was no response to the first feedback invitation.

You will need to have an account with Feedback Company. Through us you will receive a nice discount.

This is how you set up Feedback Company for your webshop:

1. Go to in the management environment: Marketing/Assessment sites and choose the 'Feedback Company'* tab.
2. Fill in your details
3. Then go to: Settings/Shape/Division to place the widget.

* The information you need to fill in under Assessment sites/Feedback Company can be found in the Feedback Company management environment, under the 'settings' tab.


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