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NEW: Product filters


Today is the day: the feature 'Product filters' is ready! From now on you can use product filters in your online store. What product filters? You can decide for yourself. From size to color, price to brand: choose the product filters that are most suitable for your online store.

Read here how to set filters for your web store or go directly to the admin panel of your online store.

Product filters, how do they work?

By adding product filters you make it easier for customers to find products in your webshop. This increases the chance of sales. Time to activate filters in your web store! But, which filters can you use?

General information: You can let your customers filter on price and on any sold out items. These options for filtering are already available for you in the admin panel.

Product characteristics: When your producthas characteristics, such as shape (round, square, triangle) or volume (100ml, 200ml), you can filter on this. You do this by adding 'extra fields' to your product and checking the correct fixed value (for example: 100ml) for your product.

Product variants: Do you have multiple variants of your product available? Then you can filter on these by the product options that you have created. For example, consider a piece of clothing that you have in multiple sizes.

Through the following article we will explain how to add product filters in a quiet way.

How many product filters can I add?

MyOnlineStore PRO users can add up to four product filters in their online stores. Need more filters? PREMIUM users can add unlimited product filters in their webshop. 

Will you make product filters available in your shop? Let uw know!