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Can I create more than one email address?

We will generate one email address for you, ‘info@yourdomain’, which will receive all emails sent to your domain. You can put anything in front of the ‘@’ sign, as it will all end up in your ‘info@yourdomain’ mailbox. That being said, this catch-all email address can only be used to send emails via the ‘info@’ email address.

Do you want to use different email addresses and separate your mailboxes? Then choose one of the solutions below:

  • Use rules
    In Outlook you can create a set of rules to separate new emails as soon as you receive them according to specific rules. Unfortunately, this method does not allow for the e-mails to be forwarded to different persons.
  • Personal email server
    If you have a personal email server (such as the Microsoft Small Business Server) you can download your emails from our server via POP3 and distribute them to your staff’s various mailboxes. Bear in mind that this method does require some degree of technical knowledge.
  • Email in the cloud
    You can host several email accounts for your domain name in the cloud, for example with Google G Suite. The advantage of this approach is that you can easily manage everything yourself and you can add an unlimited number of users. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

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