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How to add meta tags

You can adapt the page title and the meta description for your pages yourself. To do so, click on the tab ‘Metadata’ when editing the page in question.


MyOnlineStore automatically optimizes your store for search engines. We enter the main details for you automatically based on your titles and texts. However, you can change your metadata yourself where necessary.

Page title

Page titles are very important to search engines. Therefore, it’s important for your page title to contain the main keyword for that specific page. The word order is also important. We automatically place the page name in front in the title, followed by the name of your online store. If you like, you can substitute the entire title so that it becomes ‘page name | name of your online store’. Bear this in mind, because it is not the name of the page as it appears in the navigation menu, but rather in the browser’s tab.

Meta description

The meta tag description is the description displayed below the page title in the search engine results. This tag does not have a direct impact on the ranking in search engines, but a catchy and unique description for each page boosts the chances of potential visitors clicking on your link from the search engine results.