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How to add a sticker / label

Stickers (or labels) are an excellent way to put your products in the spotlight. You can use stickers to showcase promotions and discounts, or to provide additional information on a specific product.

Stickers shorter (left) and longer than 15 characters (right)

How to add stickers

Product stickers should be added when creating or editing a product in the menu Products/Product overview. There, you’ll find a field where you can enter the sticker text. If you are using the Clear as Day theme, you should limit your text to 15 characters maximum. If you exceed this character limit, the sticker will not be shown diagonally but horizontally, as shown on the left above.

In the ‘Settings/Design/Template settings’ menu, click on ‘Products’ to set the color of your sticker. You can also opt to automatically show discount percentages for products with a promotional price.


  • Choose a striking color. 
  • Ensure that your stickers keep grasping visitors’ attention. To achieve that, don’t use them too often.
  • At first, check your stickers several times, because if you use wide fonts and capital letters they might fall outside product boxes.
  • Use stickers to boost your sales. A few examples? ‘Almost sold out!’, ‘Only 3 left!’, ‘Limited edition’ etc.