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How can I downgrade my PREMIUM subscription to a PRO subscription?

Unfortunately to hear you want to stop using PREMIUM. With PRO you can still use most features PREMIUM provides. We would like to hear from you why PREMIUM isn’t the right choice anymore for you, perhaps we can learn from your feedback :)

Downgrade subscription

In order to downgrade your subscription you need to make a downgrade request one month before the end of your current subscription period.


When we receive your request to downgrade we will send you a confirmation per email. Please safe this email, it’s your proof! If you havn’t received a confirmation within 3 working days please contact us again.


If we don’t receive your downgrade at least one month before the end date the PREMIUM subscription will be extended with one year. Exactly as agreed to at the start of your subscription.

If you change your mind about downgrading your subscription please contact us.

At the end of your current subscription your shop will be converted to PRO.

Submit per email

Please submit your downgrade request by emailing to Please do this with the email you are registered with. In the dashboard you can change this email address. Please also mention the name of your shop and the reason to downgrade.