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What is a security notification and why do I receive one?

We protect the security of your shop, data and that of other merchants as best as we can. For example, we use SSL connections and reCAPTCHA. In addition, we perform monthly security checks, both internally and externally. From the moment you create your shop you can expect security notifications from us. The introduction of security notifications ensures that you will be able to see at an early stage if something happens to your data or account, including when you are not making these changes yourself. This way you can stay in control of the security of your web shop data.

What is a security notification?

A security notification is an e-mail that is sent when data in your account changes. These notifications are sent at the following moments:

  • When there is a successful login attempt on a new device;
  • When the username has been changed;
  • When the password has been changed.

What should you do if you receive a security notification?

Did you receive an email after you made a change to your web shop account or logged in using another device? No problem! You don't have to do anything with the email. If you have received an email, but you did not make the change or didn't try to log in, it is a good idea to take action. What you can do is described in the email you receive.