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What do I need to know when I upgrade to PREMIUM?

Are you considering upgrade to or starting with PREMIUM? Then you may have some questions that you would like to see answered before taking the step.

What is the difference with MyOnlineStore PRO?
With PREMIUM you have access to all functions that also belong to PRO. In addition, you can add unlimited products and filters, Custom CSS, Save for later and we remove the addition 'powered by MyOnlineStore' from your footer. So even a step more professional!

How long does the PREMIUM subscription last?
We only work with annual subscriptions (with automatic renewal). So if you start a completely new PREMIUM store, the annual subscription will start at that time. If you upgrade from PRO to PREMIUM, you will keep the end date that applies to your PRO subscription. So you continue the current subscription period, but with a PREMIUM store.

When can I switch from PRO to PREMIUM?
You decide when you upgrade. When the upgrade is completed, you can immediately start using the PREMIUM functions. The settlement of the subscription price follows afterwards on a subsequent invoice.

Can I downgrade again to PRO? 
When subscription year has ended, you can downgrade to PRO. You have to inform us one month before your PREMIUM subscription ends. Curious about your end date? Feel free to ask, we will gladly check it for you. Keep in mind that the PREMIUM functions will no longer be available after a downgrade. 

Can I downgrade to GO? 
Switching to GO is only possible after ending your subscription. No subscription is required for a GO store. You can cancel your subscription by email, use your mailaddress that was used to register your online store. Send a message to Be sure to include the name of your store and the reason for your cancellation.

What does premium support mean?
We offer support to all our users. As a PREMIUM user you will always receive a response to your question within 2 hours on working days (Monday to Friday, from 9.00-17.00 Central European Time). This way you can quickly continue running your shop.