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How do I connect my Zettle Reader to the POS App?

Available in MyOnlineStore POS App with PRO and PREMIUM Do you have a PRO or PREMIUM subscription and use the Cashier App to sell your products? Then the integration with the payment system of Zettle is a godsend for you as an entrepreneur. Zettle offers you a simple and safe payment system for a favourable price to let your customers pay.

After you have registered an account with Zettle you will receive an Zettle Reader within a few days. With this card reader you can receive debit and credit card payments in the Cashier App. The reader can be linked to one device. For example, if you have the Kassa App installed on two iPads and you want to receive payments via both, you will need two Zettle Readers.

Zettle can be used in the following countries: Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.


How to activate Zettle as a payment method

- If you have not yet installed the POS App, please read this article first.
- Open the Cashier App and go to Settings/Payment methods.
- Check Zettle and tap configure.
- Fill in the login details of your Zettle account and click on log in.
- Connect the Zettle card reader.

From now on you can receive payments anywhere with the linked Zettle Reader!